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Testing and Troubleshooting


The Corso team is happy to help fully test your widget. If you would like to validate basic functionality yourself, you can go through a few test cases to make sure everything is working as expected:

  • Adding a product to the cart and navigating to the cart page (or opening a sidecart, etc.) should display the widget.
  • With the widget checkbox checked and any product in the cart, your cart should now have the Corso Green Shipping product variant added. Depending on how your storefront keeps the visual representation of the cart in sync with Shopify’s cart object, you may need to refresh the page to see it.
  • Removing everything so you have an empty cart should hide the widget, and fully remove the Corso protection product from your cart.- As your cart value increases, the cost of shipping protection should increase. The cost tiers are typically applied in $25 increments for the first $100, although that can differ depending on your specific setup.
  • There should never be more than one Corso product in the cart at a time.
  • Checking the checkbox should add the Corso product (you may need to refresh to see this on the page), unchecking it should remove the product (you may need to refresh to see this on the page).


If you have any problems with the widget once these steps have been followed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to set up a shared slack channel between our development teams, or we are happy to communicate using any existing shared channel between Corso and your company.

If you want to try and work through any unexpected behavior, you can check first for any console errors or network calls that resulted in an error. In the console, any errors that originate from “gsp-spfsf.min.js” could help point out what the problem might be. In the network tab of your browser developer tools, any 4xx or 5xx errors from could help point out what the problem might be as well.

If there are no problems there, you can check if the widget is being inserted on the DOM. You can confirm by looking for a div with an ID of”gsp-widget” above the div with an id of “corso-protection-placeholder” that we placed above. Usually if the placeholder div is available then the widget will be inserted - but it could be hidden, with the display set to “none”.

A common problem can occur when the placeholder div occurs more than once on the page. This scenario can especially be common when there are multiple carts whose visibility is controlled individually. If there is more than one instance of the “corso-protection-placeholder” div, the widget will only insert adjacent to one of them.

If the widget is on the DOM but hidden, it generally means that the widget logic was not able to gather enough information to present a quoted protection price. This can be caused by several things, including: ● Any errors retrieving a quote. Check your browser dev tools network tab to check for any problems with requests to ● Your store may not be active. An approved app subscription with the Corso Green Shipping app installed is required. ● If the value of the cart that you are attempting to protect exceeds the amount that your store is set up for, this will cause the widget to be hidden.

If the widget is visible but does not successfully place the order on the cart, the product may not be properly configured in the Shopify admin. You can ensure that the product is published, and made available to any app or channel that applies.

We have made an effort to namespace all javascript variables and CSS styles, but there is a possibility of conflict. If there is any odd behavior related to styling, we can help make sure that is resolved.