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Data Usage and Retention

Corso policy is to accept the minimum information needed to provide our services to merchants and customers.

Any PII maintained in our systems is removed and records are fully de-identified after 90 days. This time period allows reorder and refund requests to be placed in connection with any lost, stolen, or damaged customer orders but ensures that data is not kept any longer than is needed.

Corso provides world-class services at accessible prices, and our business model is not to sell, rent, lend, or otherwise use any data in ways not explicitly authorized by the merchants we work with. We do not market directly to any customers, we do not offer them additional goods and services, and we never initiate contact with a customer without explicit instructions from a merchant to do so.

Required Data

Various data elements are needed to perform our service:

  • Customer Name: Helps confirm identity of a customer contacting Corso for a replacement or refund
  • Phone Number/Email: Used as a data point to look up an order during the reorder/refund process. If instructed by a merchant we will send confirmation that an order has been protected with Green Shipping Protection. This email address and phone number may also be used to interact with the customer during their reorder/refund process.
  • Shipping Address: For confirming where an order should be shipped, in the event an order didn't arrive.
  • Billing Address: Required by some platforms for processing a refund
  • Order data: Needed for confirming order details and reordering or refunding for any loss.

Additional Information

The information here is intended to be explanatory in nature, and the Corso Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will take precedent in the event of any discrepancy.

The Corso Data Retention Policy is available upon request.