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Green Shipping Protection

Green Shipping Protection helps customers protect their orders against lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Merchants who make this service available to their customers allow them to purchase this protection at a cost-effective rate that is calculated based on the value of their cart.

Offering Green Shipping Protection to your customers has three primary integration points:

  1. During the online shopping experience (typically during cart review or at checkout), the customer is presented with the opportunity to purchase shipping protection. This usually takes the form of an unobtrusive yet plainly visible widget above the "total" line as the order is being summarized. Protection is confirmed as follows:
    1. The site script managing the widget will add the Corso Green Shipping Protection product and variant to the cart if indicated by the customer.
    2. With the Green Shipping Protection product and variant as a line item on a completed order, protection is confirmed and the customer can reach out to Corso in the case of loss or damage.
  2. After the purchase is completed, the order is sent to Corso to record that the order is protected. When customers reach out to Corso to request a reorder or refund due to a problem with the shipment, then this information will be used to help them with their order.
  3. When an order is fulfilled, the associated shipping information is also sent to Corso. This allows Corso customer service agents to confirm shipping information including arrival status, etc.

Corso APIs

Corso has two publicly-facing APIs that are used for implementing Green Shipping Protection for a merchant. These are the Shop API, and the Commerce API.

Shop API

The Shop API is unauthenticated and intended to be accessed by a browser, mobile app, or other customer-facing application. The API has two endpoints, used for:

  1. Optionally retrieving configuration information for correctly offering Green Shipping Protection
  2. Requesting a quote for shipping protection.

Commerce API

The Commerce API is used to transmit data to Corso about orders when they are completed, and to convey information about the fulfillment of those orders as it occurs. This means primarily dealing with the following resources:

  1. Orders, once a customer has checked out and completed a purchase.
  2. Fulfillments, as an order is shipped or partially shipped.
  3. Line items, which are indicated on the initial order but may be adjusted after the fact if there are modifications.

Process Overview - Flow Diagram

Next steps

To implement Green Shipping Protection on your site, please see the documentation for the Shop API and the Commerce API. Navigation to these documentation sections is available below, or in one of the site menus.

Shop API

Commerce API