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Corso is a provider of merchant first, customer friendly post-purchase services. Our primary offering is Green Shipping Protection, a service that allows merchants to offer a way for customers to protect their orders against loss, damage, or theft as a result of the shipping process.

In addition to providing this protection to customers, Corso also offsets the carbon emitted during the last-mile shipping, from the fulfillment center to the customer.

Site Overview

This site is designed to help any developer quickly enable Green Shipping Protection on an e-commerce site, app, or other channel.

There are various ways to implement this service depending on your circumstances, and these sections will serve to give specific detail where it is needed:

  • Green Shipping Protection Overview: An overview of our Green Shipping Protection service, and how it might be integrated into an e-commerce platform.
  • Shop API: The Corso Shop API is designed as an unauthenticated, public-facing API. It can be leveraged by an e-commerce site, app, or other channel for offering Green Shipping Protection to end customers.
  • Commerce API: The Corso Commerce API is used to transmit data around orders and fulfillments so that Corso is made aware of protection that has been purchased by a customer.
  • Shopify Headless: If you are looking to integrate Green Shipping Protection into your headless Shopify site via the Shopify Storefront API, this is the place to start.

Additional information

Corso has a separate, non-developer knowledge base site at Most merchants using our Shopify of Big Commerce apps will be better served by the information available there.